10 Best Famous Monument in Gainesville | Historical Building in Gainesville

10 Best Famous Monument in Gainesville | Historical Building in Gainesville

Welcome to Gainesville, Georgia ! With a long, rich history, Gainesville has been home to a variety of famous monuments and historic buildings that have shaped the culture of this beautiful city.

From city halls to universities, Gainesville is home to a diverse range of monuments that draw thousands of visitors each year.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the best famous monuments and historical buildings in Gainesville. We will learn why visitors enjoy visiting Gainesville’s most beloved monuments and buildings. Be prepared to have your knowledge of Gainesville’s most storied locations expanded and revitalized!

10 Best Monuments in Gainesville ,GA

1. Confederate Monument

The Confederate Monument in Gainesville, Georgia was erected in 1899, as a memorial to memorialize the Confederate dead from Hall County who died during the Civil War. It was initially placed in front of the Hall County Courthouse, but was later moved to the Gainesville High School grounds in the late 1960s.confederate-monument

The monument is made of granite, and stands at around 25 feet tall. It has a 6.5-foot-high statue of a Confederate soldier atop it and includes an inscription which reads, In memory of the Confederate soldiershall county sons who died for their country 1861 – 1865.”

The monument has been the subject of numerous debates, as some critics argue that it celebrates the Confederacy, while others argue that it is simply a memorial to those who lost their lives. In 2013, the city of Gainesville passed a resolution to keep the monument in its current location, while also developing educational and interpretive materials to provide context surrounding the war and its impact.

2. Georgia Gainesville Memorial Hospital

Georgia Gainesville Memorial Hospital is a private, non-profit community hospital located in Gainesville, Georgia. The hospital is part of Northeast Georgia Health System and is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.georgia-gainesville-memorial-hospital

Established in 1946, the hospital is a 260-bed acute care hospital providing a range of medical services to the residents of Hall County and surrounding communities. The hospital offers a 24-hour emergency department, a level II pediatric trauma center, and a 40-bed adult intensive care unit. Other services include a full service cardiovascular center, a full-service cancer care center, a specialized orthopedic center and a comprehensive array of radiology and diagnostic services. They also provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, including surgical, medical and obstetrical care, as well as a variety of diagnostic and rehabilitation services. The hospital’s mission is to provide quality, compassionate care to the people living in the community.

3. Banks County Courthouse

The Banks County Courthouse in Gainesville, Georgia is located on Jefferson Street. The courthouse was built in 1902 and is still in use today. The building has a two-story Neoclassical style design, with a rotunda on the main floor.banks-county-courthouse

The building includes a courtroom and offices for the Clerk of the Court, the Probate Court, the Tax Commissioner, the Sheriff, and the Department of Juvenile Justice. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a contributing structure within the Gainesville Historic District.

4. Gainesville Midland Railroad Depot

The Gainesville Midland Railroad Depot in Gainesville, Georgia was built in 1880 by the Gainesville Midland Railway, a short line railway that operated in the southeastern United States. The depot served as the main train station in the city until 1962 and was restored in 1989 as a museum. It is an important part of Gainesville’s history, making it an important tourist attraction in the area.gainesville-midland-railroad-depot

The Gainesville Midland Railroad Depot features a variety of artifacts from the railroad era, including a caboose, display cases filled with memorabilia such as old tickets, photographs, and historical documents. The depot also includes a collection of restored locomotives and cars, a working telegraph, and a model railroad layout. Visitors to the depot can learn about the history of the railway industry, explore the various displays, and participate in various educational events.

The Gainesville Midland Railroad Depot is open on Saturday from 10am to 5pm and on Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. Admission is free.

5. Old Gainesville-Hall County Jail

The old Gainesville-Hall County Jail was built in 1922 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It served as the primary jail for the area until the new Hall County Jail was constructed in 2001. It is now home to the Hall County Historic Preservation Commission, which preserves and shares information about local heritage and culture.

The jail is a two-story, brick and concrete structure in a Gothic Revival style. It consists of a main block and two extensions, with a total of 24 cells.

It also contains a tower that serves as a sheriff’s office and several former prisoner cells. The building has been restored using historical pieces and serves as a museum and event venue, offering educational opportunities and events such as historic tours, weddings, and films.

6. Smithonia Historic District

The Smithonia Historic District is located in Gainesville, Georgia. Built in the late 19th century, this historic district encompasses a handful of structures that are representative of the town’s early development. The structures here reflect the town’s beginnings as a small rural turnpike settlement in the 1800s, developing into a prosperous town by the turn of the century. The district is located on the east side of Gainesville near the South Hall County line.


The Smithonia Historic District includes a handful of properties that are listed on the National Register for Historic Places. There are four distinct properties that are included in the District: the Smithonia General Store (1890s), Old Farm House (1892), Smithonia Church and Cemetery (1897-1905), and the Lucy Hamilton House (1900s). All of these distinct buildings offer a view into the past and can be seen from the street. In addition to the structures, there are also a number of historic trees and monuments scattered throughout the district, including several headstones from early residents of Smithonia.

The Smithonia Historic District is designated by Georgia’s State Historic Preservation Office as a State Historic Site. This designation provides historical designation and preservation protection to the district’s structures in order to preserve the site’s historical, architectural, and cultural importance as well as its relationship to the community of Smithonia. The district also has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places, adding more protection and recognition — especially to the Smithonia General Store.

7. Jackson Street Bridge

The Jackson Street Bridge is a historic bridge located in Southend Park in Gainesville, Georgia. It was originally built in 1904 to span the then-newly opened Jackson Street.jackson-street-bridge

The bridge was built by the Gainesville Iron Works as a steel pony truss and supported on concrete abutments. It is the only remaining vehicular truss bridge in Hall County.

The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005, and is a contributing structure within the South Green Street Historic District. It is currently open to pedestrian use only.

8. Lanier Technical College

Lanier Technical College in Gainesville,GA is a public college offering associate degrees and technical certificates of credit. The college has accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. It is part of the Technical College System of Georgia, offering over 40 programs or training in technical and career education.

Lanier Technical College has three campuses: Oakwood, Forsyth and Barrow. These campuses are located in Gwinnett, Hall, and Barrow counties, respectively. The college offers courses in a variety of areas including engineering, business, computer programming, medical, culinary arts and more. Courses are available both in-person and online and students can choose to attend part-time or full-time.

Also located on the campus is the Lanier Technical College Center for Innovation, which provides educational opportunities and access to advanced technology for students and businesses alike. The center also provides industry-specific workshops and certification programs for businesses.

The college boasts a variety of services for students, including career services and personal counseling. There is also an online bookstore, and the library at Oakwood campus offers resources for research, study and online learning.

9. Historic Lanier High School

Located in Gainesville, Georgia, Historic Lanier High School was built in 1920 as an institue for African American students and academic excellence. The school was originally situated directly adjacent to Riverside Elementary and Middle School, but was relocated to its current location in the mid-2000s. It is an important cultural landmark in the region and remains a popular destination for students, families, and alumni. Throughout its 95-year history, the school has maintained a strong commitment to education and a culture of pride and camaraderie.

At Historic Lanier High School, students have access to a range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, clubs and organizations, and a variety of performance opportunities. The school’s athletics department is renowned in the Hall County area and features football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and track teams. Lanier also proudly supports a wide range of cultural enrichment initiatives, from the school’s celebrated literary journal to its art and music programs.

In addition to its academic offerings, Historic Lanier High School is home to a thriving community of alumni, staff, and volunteers. Throughout the year, the school hosts many events, including homecoming celebrations and alumni reunions. The school is also open to the public for touring and events, allowing local residents to get a glimpse of the historic institution.

10. Town Square Bell Tower

The Town Square Bell Tower in Gainesville, Georgia, is located in the heart of downtown and served as a landmark for the city. Built in 1890, the bell tower was recently restored and is a popular spot for city events and festivals.town-square-bell-tower

The clock in the tower tower was donated by Judge Thomas B. Woolsey, a founding father of Gainesville, and features four faces with a 1,300-pound bell ringing out above. Installed in the tower in 1893, the clock has become a symbol throughout the area. The clock is still kept in working condition and is the oldest standing clock in Gainesville.

The bell tower is also the home of the Gainesville History Museum, which chronicles the city’s history from its founding to present day. Visitors can tour the tower and museum, and the bell rings on the tenth hour of every day and midday on Sunday. Weddings and events can be scheduled at the tower, as well, and it is often the site of community gatherings. A popular annual event called “Bell Tower Sing-Along” is held every summer, which includes performances by local musicians.

The Town Square Bell Tower is a unique landmark in Gainesville and a perfect stop when exploring what the city has to offer. It serves as a reminder of the area’s deep roots and is a memorable part of downtown Gainesville.

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