Best Famous Monument in Athens-Clarke County | Historical Building in Athens-Clarke County

Best Famous Monument in Athens-Clarke County | Historical Building in Athens-Clarke County

Welcome to the fascinating world of Athens-Clarke County where history comes alive! From ancient Greek temples and ancient Christian sites to modern iconic monuments, Athens-Clarke County is a great place to explore the past. In this blog, we will be taking a look at some of the best famous monuments and historical buildings in the area, along with interesting information about them. Read on to discover the monuments and buildings of Athens-Clarke County that make it one of the most unique places to learn about the past.

10 Best F0amous Landmark in Athens-Clarke County to Visit

1. Old Athens Historic District

The Old Athens Historic District in Athens-Clarke County, GA is a collection of neighborhoods and public spaces that trace their history back to the earliest days of the 19th century.

The area includes some of the city’s most significant and recognizable historical structures, including the University of Georgia campus, the Taylor Grady House, the Rutherford-Sloan House, the Morton Building, and the historic downtown area. In addition to historic buildings, the district is home to a variety of other cultural attractions and activities, such as the Georgia Museum of Art, the Lyndon House Arts Center, and the Georgia Theatre.

The district is also known for its lively downtown area, which is home to local restaurants, boutiques, and nightlife. Collectively, the Old Athens Historic District is an important part of the city’s cultural and architectural heritage.

2. Tree That Owns Itself

The Tree That Owns Itself is a white oak tree located in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. The tree, thought to be over 200 years old, is registered as property recognized by the state and local government, with a preservation trust established around it. The tree is registered as the property of itself and is not owned by anyone else. It has attained fame as a mysterious or magical tree, and is a popular tourist site in the city.

3. Athens Courthouse

The Athens-Clarke County Courthouse is located at 325 E Washington Street in Athens, GA. The building houses a number of constitutional, state, and local courts, including General Sessions Court, Probate Court, and Magistrate Court.

The building also houses a number of offices, including the Office of the Clerk of Court, the Office of the District Attorney, the Office of the Solicitor-General, and the Office of the Sheriff. The courthouse is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, although hours may vary by agency.

The courthouse also offers Wi-Fi access and has an onsite cafe. Parking is available in several nearby municipal garages.

4. Frieda UBS Fountain

The Frieda UBS Fountain is located in Bishop Park in Athens-Clarke County, GA. This interactive fountain was built in 2005 and is a unique water play area for children.

It is a popular destination for families to visit when enjoying the park. The fountain is made up of several fun feature such as a frog, a duck, and a large animal that shoots water up in the air.

It is a great place to cool off on hot summer days and to give a break from the playground or other activities in the park.

5. The Confederate Monument

The Confederate Monument in Athens-Clarke County, GA is a memorial located on the University of Georgia Campus. It is dedicated to the Confederacy and its veterans. The monument was erected in 1858 by the Ladies Memorial Association.

The monument is made of white marble and features a soldier in full southern regalia and draped in both Confederate and American flags. The soldier stands over a monument that lists the names of Confederate soldiers who died in service in the Civil War. In 2020, the Athens-Clarke County government voted to remove the monument, but the state of Georgia has blocked the move.

6. Church-Waddel-Brumby House

The Church-Waddel-Brumby House, also known as the Brumby-Babb House, is an historic two-story Queen Anne house located at 240 Prince Avenue in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. It was built in circa 1888 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a rare example of a house in Athens that has been continuously occupied by a single family since the late nineteenth century.

The house is owned and operated by the Athens Historical Society, which regularly offers tours and educational programs focused on the history of the house. It is open for public visitation from 10am to 4pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It is also available for weddings and other events.

7. The Morton Building

The Morton Building in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia is a historic commercial building located in the downtown urban district of Athens.

The building is a two-story brick structure constructed with a masonry bearing wall system and a flat roof. The building was originally built in 1891 for the purpose of housing small business offices and retail space. Throughout its history, the Morton Building has been home to a number of different businesses including a furniture store, printing shop, drug store, and jewelry store.

In recent years, the Morton Building has seen a revival, with many of its units being leased out to small businesses. Today, the Morton Building is part of the vibrant downtown section of Athens and is a great example of historic preservation.

8. The Fire Hall No. 2

Fire Hall No. 2 in Athens-Clarke County, GA is a fire station located at 743 W. Broad Street. It is the largest fire station in Athens-Clarke County and primarily serves the Downtown Athens area.

The station is equipped with modern apparatus and trained personnel capable of responding to emergencies ranging from structure fires, to hazardous materials spills, to medical calls.

The station is staffed 24 hours a day and is equipped with a fire engine, a ladder truck, a heavy rescue truck, a grass fire truck, and other specialty apparatuses. The station also houses the District Fire Prevention Office, which provides education to the public about fire safety.

9. Thomas R.R. Cobb House

The Thomas R.R. Cobb House is a two-story, red brick Greek Revival house located in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. Dated to the 1850s, the house is an excellent example of the Greek Revival style of architecture popular in the Antebellum South.

It is named for Cobb, a prominent lawyer and Confederate general who used the house as a law office from 1859 until he died in 1862. Today the house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open to the public as a museum. It offers tours, educational programs, and research services.

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