Are these murals of a real location? Perhaps Bavaria?

Are these murals of a real location? Perhaps Bavaria?

6/21/2023 7:05:38 PM

People from southern Germany just love northern Italy, especially in Bavaria. It is easy to reach, cheap (used to be…), and folks speak German ("Südtirol").
From the mountains, the style of houses, and the vegetation I think this could be southern Tirol region, very likely around Lago di Garda.

6/20/2023 7:41:50 PM

Based on MastaBabas answer. You can clearly see from Google Maps that the location is on the border between France and Italy (in fact the border runs through that bridge), in a place called Menton Saint Louis. See link to the below image here including the mountains, bridge, and style of trees around the costal area.

Google Maps Image of Location

ca. 1920 Menton - Pont Saint Louis (bridge) - Italy
enter image description here

  • around 1920
6/21/2023 11:49:35 AM

I’m putting in an answer, as I’ve got too much for a comment.

This doesn’t strike me as a ‘Bavarian scene’. The peaks are a bit too pointy, the palm tree (I only see one) is not quite Bavarian, and the square sail on the sailboat feels more eastern Mediterranean to me.

I found the following painting, which includes a slightly tilted bridge, not dissimilar from the one in your painting. The website is slow. It’s "Le Pont St Louis Nice" by Jules Pierre van Biesbroeck (Jr.).

A search for that bridge returns modern Nice, but also a few old images, like this one, which seem like a spitting image of the bridge. Notice, also, the two small houses on either side of the bridge itself, which seem to be replicated in your painting.

However, another view of the same bridge shows that the wider area around the bridge is quite different from your painting, which would rule out this particular setting as the real-life version of your painting.

The bridge in the images is in the town of Menton, in southern France. And some sleuthing around Menton results in the discovery of a picture of the bridge, taken from the sea (included below).

This is still not quite the same image as your painting, but, notice the slant of the mountain to the left of the bridge, and compare that with the actual slant in the image. This, and the scene in general, is close enough, for me, to consider that your painting could be an artist’s impression of the "Pont St. Louis" in Menton, France.

For one, Menton has palm trees 🙂

enter image description here

Edit (after OP added a second image): The second image feels quite generic to me, while the right side of the image is hard to make out. But, the church on the left and the setting have a passing resemblance to The Santuario della Madonna del Sasso, in Locarno.

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