5 Ways to Protect Your Passport & things to do if you lose your Indian passport while traveling abroad?

5 Ways to Protect Your Passport & things to do if you lose your Indian passport while traveling abroad?

19th July 2021 0 By Aparna Patel

Protect passport is one of the most critical things you can do while on vacation. Your passport is indeed your passport to the world and back. However, if you don’t have it, you might run into some unanticipated issues.

Copy It

Let’s go back in time. You should make numerous copies of your passport before leaving on your trip: Prepare several copies of the document with your picture and full name and keep them in several locations—at the bottom of your suitcase, in separate parts of luggage, and also with other people who would be traveling with you. Concerning passport safety, keep one duplicate copy of your passport at home, one with coworkers if on a business trip, and one with an emergency contact to be safe. (In the unlikely event that you need to replace your passport, keep photos on hand and extras on hand.)

Lock It

No matter how nice your hotel is, it’s a wise idea to get into the habit of keeping your Passport Safe. In case your room doesn’t have a safe, ask the front desk about a safe where you may keep the document. If all else fails, if you’re staying in an Airbnb, hostel, or private lodgings site, use a travel lock to secure your suitcase.

Hide It

It’s almost a no-brainer to keep your passport hidden when traveling, but we don’t simply mean carrying it in your pocket and hope it remains hidden. Instead, seek a flat money belt that may be worn around your waist and neck while remaining hidden behind your clothes. Try a travel wallet or passport cover if you want something a little comfier. Both hide your passport (and nationality), but the travel wallet also contains space for other valuables such as credit cards and cash.

Protect It

The majority of people think of passport safety in terms of preventing it from being stolen. On the other hand, the weather is a factor to consider: Humidity can destroy the pages, keep it as cool as possible, and travel with a waterproof cover to avoid water damage. Assume that water damage occurs outside of the United States. In this case, go to the local embassy, fill out the passport application, and get a replacement passport—one or two droplets of water on a page is acceptable. Water damage to the book’s cover or personal information page and passports with more extensive water damage may require replacement.

Know your Rights

Of course, you’ll need your passport to pass through airport security and immigration. However, suppose you’re requested to provide identification while traveling internationally, make sure to notice whether the real passport is required—in most cases. In that case, an international driver’s license or a copy of your passport will work.

When traveling abroad, your Indian passport is one of the most vital documents you’ll need. It is the document that identifies you as an Indian citizen to authorities outside of India. Consider how terrible it would be if you misplaced your Indian passport while traveling abroad. Holidays ruined, restless nights, and higher bills are just a few of the negative consequences.

Things To Keep in Mind for Passport Safety

  1. Make a copy of your passport as a backup.
  2. Keep a backup copy of your passport on you at all times.
  3. Request Travel Insurance

What Should You Do If Your Indian Passport Is Stolen While Traveling Abroad?

As you found that you have lost your passport in a foreign country, do follow the steps mentioned below:

File a Police Complaint

visit the nearest local police station and make a report as soon as you notice your passport has been lost or stolen. For the same, you’ll get a copy of the police report. This document is crucial since it will serve as documentation of your passport’s loss or theft, as well as any other assets you may have. A police report will also assist you with embassy-related requirements, such as obtaining an emergency certificate or obtaining a new passport.

Communicate with the Indian Embassy

Now next thing for you would be to notify the Indian Embassy in your area and inform them about your lost or stolen passport. Indian embassies across the world are available to assist Indian citizens in trouble.

Apply for a new replacement passport: 

The Indian Embassy/Consulate will assist you in your passport application. This technique will take a minimum of one week to receive your passport. The reason for this is that passports are printed in India and then shipped to the Embassy or Consulate where you applied. To apply for a new passport, you’ll require the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of lost passport
  2. police report Copy for lost/stolen passport 
  3. Passport-sized photos (4-6)
  4. Copy of visa and air tickets
  5. Personal application outlining the cause for the new passport’s quick issuance

Apply for an Emergency Certificate: 

If you don’t have time to wait and need to travel right away, an Emergency Certificate is a way to go. It’s a one-time-use travel document that allows an Indian person to return to India after passport lost \ passport stolen. To apply for an Emergency Certificate, you will need the following items:

  • Application by submitting an EAP-2 form
  • Passport size photo (4-6)
  • Copy of passport (front and back pages)
  • Police report concerning loss/theft of passport

Apply for a Visa Reissue

With the passport lost, any visas you may have had would be lost as well. You can obtain them returned by going to the embassy of the country where your visa was granted. You’ll require to bring a copy of your old visa and a police report with you for this process. You’ll also need your new passport.

Your Flight Should Be Rescheduled

Travel outside of the foreign nation will be impossible until you acquire a new passport or an Emergency Certificate if your passport has been lost or stolen. If necessary, reschedule your flight by calling your airline and informing them of the issue. The sooner you notify the airlines of your condition, the higher your chances of saving money on reschedules your flight.

Make a Travel Insurance Claim

We discussed getting travel insurance before going overseas in the precautions section. Once you’ve returned to the nation, you’ll be able to use your insurance by making a claim for passport loss. Keep police reports and invoices for expenses incurred as a result of passport loss on hand, and notify the insurance provider as early as possible.

By taking the measures and steps outlined above for Passport Safety, you can easily avoid having your passport stolen while wasting little time and money. Hopefully, these pointers will help you avoid a travel nightmare! Have you ever misplaced your passport when traveling abroad? What are some of the ways you keep your passport safe? We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for keeping your passport safe!