What is the minimum bank balance for getting a Schengen visa?

4/12/2017 1:57:36 PM

As far as the financial means requirement is concerned, each country submitted guidelines to the EU commission. For Belgium you need either EUR 45 or EUR 95 per day (depending on accommodation) and for the Netherlands, it’s EUR 34.

If you are invited by a company paying for your accommodation, these amounts might be reduced but you might need to submit something to document this invitation (what you need to submit depends on the country, some countries have standard forms and procedures for that).

Your paychecks might however still be useful for two reasons. They establish you have a job in India to come back to and they explain how you could have gotten EUR 2000. Both of these are important to show that you are really coming for a visit and are not likely to try to immigrate illegally in the EU.


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