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 If you are a solo traveler and want to tell the whole world about your journey, then you have come to the right place. You can share your travel journey on But before that, you should read some tips for writing travel posts.

We are always looking for talented writers, bloggers, and content creators who are passionate about exploring the world and sharing their travel experiences.

Anyone Traveler can submit the story of their travel to us as long as they are genuinely well written.
Genuinely well written Means-checked your grammar and turned on spell check.

No one wants to read how you spent all day checking your Instagram account from your hotel room. you must have stories to tell.

A great way to write about adventure, travel destinations is to ask visitors what sites they want to visit, the food they want to try, and the experiences they want to do. you also write a review of the hotel in which stayed.

We accept contributions in the form of articles, blog posts, travel guides, photo essays, and videos.

  1. Travel tips and advice
  2. Destination reviews and recommendations
  3. Cultural experiences and insights
  4. Adventure and outdoor activities
  5. Food and drink experiences
  6. Luxury and budget travel
  7. Solo and group travel
  8. Family-friendly travel

Sustainable and responsible tourism

We value unique and original content that provides value to our readers. We encourage writers to share their personal stories and experiences while also providing practical information and insights that our readers can use to plan their own travels.

Guidelines for submitting content:

  • Whatever article you write, nothing is copied from the Internet, like content, image, logo, etc. (The copied article is easily known, so write your own article.
  • Please include at least 2-3 high-quality images or videos to accompany your content.
  • Before writing any article or post, you should read some posts on our website so that you will get an idea of ​​how to write.
  • Any post must be between a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 5000 words.
  • Please include a short bio and headshot with your submission.
  • Content should not be promotional or advertorial in nature.
  • We will publish your article only when we like it and we will like it when it is good for our audience,
    so write the article with the audience in mind.
  • We will try our best to publish your article as soon as possible. But keep in mind that the article you are publishing on the HollyMelody site, you will not publish it anywhere else.
  • If we had to change something later in the published post (article) or for some reason to remove that article, then it will be completely according to our wish. We have full rights to delete your article.
  • The articles that will be sent to us cannot be published anywhere.
  • Whenever you send an article, add your name and contact number with it.

You can Directly Contact Us: [email protected]

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If you are interested in contributing to our travel content, please send your pitch or completed content to [insert email address] with the subject line "Travel Content Submission." We will review your submission and get back to you within a weeks.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our travel community. We look forward to hearing from you!

Write well and Make an enjoyable trip

With this post, my goal is to help you write amazing travel posts. There are some amazing travel blogging tips for you to follow:

1. What is the subject or Topic of your Travel post?

Before you start writing a Travel Post, you must have a subject that is in demand and people want to read about.
Like Below

Weak Topic:

  • Travel to France or Holiday in Paris
  • Hotel in Paris
  • London Toursim

Strong Topics:

  1. Things you need to know before you visit France
  2. 10 Places you can't miss in France
  3. Best things do in Paris

Writing Great Content

Make a pleasant trip your first priority. If you are not busy with your journey, you cannot write enjoyable content.

you can write the best travel post with your experience, but if you will always be busy with your computer or camera, how will you experience your travel?

So set a separate time for writing, but move on to other things when that time is up. Often, writing is best at the end of the day, just before bed, or when you get up.

First of all, choose the subject of the article that people need, people will benefit from it because no one will read your article without benefit.Think for posts based on your Travel experience, Try to answer the below questions

  • What expectations can readers have?
  • What do they read in a travel Post?

Nobody is interested in reading your Vacations story until it offers them valuable content. Now read your travel post and Try to find out the solution to the above points.

You need to find ways to deal with topics that will illuminate your travel readers. Find ways to keep the readers next to you on your Travel adventures,making them feel as if they too are traveling with you.

Tips for Writing best Travel Guest Posts

  1. A Deep post to describe amazing people, cultural differences, such as a post on best adventure places, a post on things do,a post on the best hotel, a post on public transport, etc.
  2. Add visual, video, music in your post .if you are not a great videographer or photographer, some pictures in every post, so that reader's imaginations about those places and make them read your post.
    Try to add 2 or 3 image best quality in the article, so that the article looks even more beautiful and if needed buy the image too.
  3. Choose a unique article, all your articles should not be on the same topic. If you do this, the reader will find every article boring. Choose unique and simple words to write your article. Try to give more information in short words.
  4. Before writing an article, take that complete information, read about it. Because you will have complete information only then you can give correct information to people. If possible, make a habit of reading other blogs daily. Do not hurry in writing the article.
  5. Do not underestimate the article you write in the beginning, because everyone starts with mistakes. Slowly improve your writing skill.
  6. Connect with Readers, The best way to get new idea and topics for writing new posts on the blog is to stay connected with your visitors. Ask your readers or they will tell you their new topic and ask you to write a post.

How to practice Travel writing articles?

To do any work perfectly, you need to practice, and if you want to write a high-quality article, then first you have to practice writing articles.You will need the practice to develop article writing skills. You follow the below-given point and first improve your writing skills.

1 - No disturbance

It is very important to have a complete concentration of the mind to write an article if you repeatedly check your mobile message while writing an article, or your TV is switch-on in your house, then your concentration is broken, so you do not write the good article.A quiet environment is required to write articles. Before writing the article, make sure that your mind is completely calm and you have no one to bother you.

2 - Think and Write

Regarding the topic on which you want to write an article, first think about what points should be in the article and which points have to be more focused. If you will be prepared beforehand, then you will not have to think much while writing the article.

3 - Read the article

Read the article as much as you can. Reading the article gives a basic idea of how to write the article. You can read many articles with the help of the internet. With this, your knowledge will also improve and you will also know how the article is written.

4 - Start by writing short articles

It is not that any article you write should be more than 1000 words. In the beginning, try to write an article of 300 to 500 words. And gradually increase the word count. If you already think the article will be 1000 words, then you will not be able to write anything.

5 - Write something every day

By always doing the same thing, you slowly start getting perfect in that work. If you write some articles every day, then you will be able to develop your writing skills and thinking power, which is very important for writing articles.

Keeping all these points in mind, you can practice writing articles, your article writing skill will improve as you continue to write articles. But to write an article, you have to take care of some things, so that you cannot confuse others through your article.

There are 4 sections in any article.

  • Introduction section
  • Main section
  • Conclusion section
  • Thanksgiving section

By adding these four sections to your article, you can make your article informative as well as interactive. So let us tell you about them in detail.

1 - Introduction Section

This is the introduction part of any article. If you are writing an article, first give short detail about it, and also tell what information you are giving in your article, why you are giving it.

For example - Suppose you are writing an article about how to use Travel Camera, then you have to write basic detail about Travel Camera in the introduction section, like - today we will tell you about how Travel Camera is used but First of all, you must know what a Travel Camera is, why a Travel Camera is important, what are the advantages of using a Travel Camera.

The Introduction section should be very strong so that anyone who reads your article will know what they will benefit from reading the article completely, and what they will know. Many people write something in the introduction section of the article that does not belong to their topic, no one likes to read such an article.

2 - Main Section

In the main section, you have to give complete information about your article. Whatever information was given in your introduction section has to be understood in detail here. To make your article interactive, you can share your real-life experience.

People love to read such articles which flash some moments of their life. If you share your experience in the article, then your article becomes interactive and people read your article completely.

3 - Conclusion section

Here you have to tell the main point of your article. By this, people will get an overall view of your article and people will understand your article. You can also write extra points in the conclusion section.

4 - Thanks Giving Section

Here you get a chance to interact with your readers. Say thank you to your readers in the Thank giving section because they have read your article completely and also tell them that if you like this article, then share it with your friends and relatives.We can see our article readers like a guest, which you have to satisfy completely, so that it becomes happy. If the reader is happy then your article will also become popular.

Follow the Above Tips and Send me your article we will publish your Travel Trip.


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