Schengen visa refusal twice: appeal process?

9/9/2014 12:13:12 PM

Judging by the reasons listed in your denial I would wager that one or more of the following are an issue:

  1. Insufficient means of sustenance
    This primarily means that the proof of your bank balance is either not considered proof enough, or more likely is considered insufficient.
    Check the website below for how much per day of the stay you should have allocated for your trip. Since you are requesting it from French government it is French conditions that you should satisfy(bit more then 50 euros per day).

  2. If the tourist agency provided you with a return ticket and you have a sufficient bank balance then what they listed as a denial reason number two is a bit weird. The only reason I can think of it is a reputation of the tourist agency in question, a previous case of their ‘tourist’ overstaying or something.

In any case you should definitely call or e-mail an embassy and ask about your current case and ask if they can clarify the denial points. Most importantly to have them tell you how much money is enough and how can you prove you are coming back. Based on their reply you should draft an appeal in French.

As far as the agency and your refund you should check your contract with them and refunding conditions. If it states they are responsible for obtaining your visa then you are probably entitled for a refund and could sue them for it. If it says it is your responsibility you are not likely to get refunded at least not through legal means.

In that case one other option to consider would be to negotiate your payment as a payment for a different, non schengen visa requiring, trip through the same agency…

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