Possible reimbursement for missed connection due to gate change

9/4/2014 1:48:43 AM

Trying to be as objective as possible – your case will be extremely difficult to prove that the error was on the airline side. In a way, the airline can show that they did the utmost in order to inform you on the gate change

  1. Using the PA multiple times and
  2. NOT assigning a gate number at least 30 minutes before departure. (Was not on the screen)

You can rest assure that they can argue that if there’s no gate assigned 30 minutes before departure (the screen didn’t say that B20 is to BOM) – why didn’t you contact the airline and asked about the flight final gate?

When you’re called to follow to the gate (by the PA) and you don’t show up. The airline must take your luggage off the plane, remove you from the manifest, adjust end-reports and so forth! this causes a lot of time and effort. Point is – it’s also in their interest to have you on.

Having said that, I would write a detailed emailed with the rest of the passengers that were with you to ‘public relation’ of that airline and detailed a long story about the fiasco and demand respectfully some kind of compensation. You will have to include names, PNRs, person’s name who directed you to the gate etc. Put major emphasis on the aggravation caused due to lack of gate assignment. Still, it will end up with a courtesy of the airline but nothing more.

Again, this case will be seen as You Vs Airline (he said she said) and the airline can show that they did their very best and you were not ‘on top of the situation’.


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