Raymond, NH : Interesting Facts, Famous Things & History Information | What Is Raymond Known For?

Raymond, NH : Interesting Facts, Famous Things & History Information | What Is Raymond Known For?

History & Information About Raymond, New Hampshire, USA

Raymond, a quaint and picturesque town situated in the southeastern part of the state of New Hampshire, holds a rich history that intertwines with the growth and development of the United States. With roots dating back several centuries, this charming community offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Let's take a journey through time and explore the captivating history and interesting tidbits about Raymond, New Hampshire.

The Early Years

Raymond was first settled in the mid-18th century, amidst the throes of the American Revolution. Originally part of Chester and known as "Nottingham West," the town was eventually incorporated as Raymond in 1764. The name "Raymond" was bestowed in honor of Captain William Raymond, who played a pivotal role in the founding of the town.

Agricultural Heritage

Like many towns in New England, Raymond had a strong agricultural foundation. The landscape was once dominated by farms that provided sustenance and livelihood for its residents. The town flourished with dairy farms, apple orchards, and an abundance of crops. The agricultural heritage can still be felt today, with picturesque fields and charming farmhouses dotting the countryside.

Industrial Revolution and Beyond

As the Industrial Revolution swept across the nation, Raymond too saw its fair share of changes. Manufacturing mills sprung up along the Lamprey River, harnessing its power to drive the local economy. The mills produced textiles, shoes, and lumber – contributing significantly to the growth and prosperity of the town. Though many of the mills have been repurposed or transformed into historical landmarks, they stand as a reminder of Raymond's industrial past.

Raymond Today

Modern-day Raymond retains its small-town charm, while embracing progress and welcoming newcomers. With a population of approximately 10,000 residents, the town fosters a close-knit community spirit. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the natural beauty of the town, with numerous outdoor recreational opportunities available.

Attractions and Activities

Raymond offers various attractions and activities that cater to different interests. Pawtuckaway State Park, one of the highlights, boasts a stunning lake and miles of hiking trails, making it a favorite spot for outdoor enthusiasts. For history buffs, a visit to the Raymond Historical Society Museum is a must, where one can delve deeper into the town's past. Additionally, the town hosts annual events such as the Raymond Town Fair, providing entertainment and fun for all ages.

Close Proximity to Larger Cities

Despite its small-town appeal, Raymond benefits from its convenient location near larger cities. Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire, is just a short drive away. This proximity allows residents to enjoy the amenities and opportunities of a bigger city while still relishing the tranquility of Raymond.


Raymond, New Hampshire, is a treasure trove of history and natural beauty. From its early days as a colonial settlement to its flourishing agricultural and industrial periods, the town has managed to preserve its rich heritage while embracing the present. With its close-knit community, captivating attractions, and a serene atmosphere, Raymond serves as a charming destination for those seeking a glimpse into the past while enjoying the comforts of the present.

Explore Raymond, and immerse yourself in the captivating stories that have shaped this unique and enchanting New Hampshire town.

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Interesting Facts About Raymond City

Raymond, New Hampshire is a city in the United States that is full of interesting lesser-known facts. Let's explore some of them!

1. Hidden Gem: Raymond may not be as famous as other cities in the state, but it certainly has its charm. It's often considered a hidden gem because of its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque landscapes. The city is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, including forests, lakes, and rivers, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

2. Historic Roots: Raymond has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. The city was originally settled by European immigrants and played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution. Many historic buildings and landmarks can still be found throughout Raymond, providing a glimpse into its past.

3. Covered Bridges: One fascinating feature of Raymond is its collection of covered bridges. These picturesque structures not only serve as functional crossings but also add a touch of nostalgia to the city's landscape. The historic Sewall's Bridge and Langford Bridge are must-see attractions for visitors and locals alike.

4. Outdoor Recreation: If you enjoy outdoor activities, Raymond won't disappoint you. The city offers a range of recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, boating, and camping. Pawtuckaway State Park, located in Raymond, is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts and offers various trails, a beautiful lake, and camping facilities.

5. Community Spirit: Despite its relatively small size, Raymond boasts a strong sense of community. The residents are known for their warm and welcoming nature, creating a tight-knit and friendly atmosphere. The city hosts many local events and festivals throughout the year, which bring people together and showcase the community spirit.

6. Close Proximity: Raymond benefits from its close proximity to other popular destinations in New Hampshire. It's conveniently located near cities like Manchester and Portsmouth, allowing residents to easily access a wide range of amenities, entertainment, and employment opportunities. Moreover, the breathtaking White Mountains and stunning New Hampshire coastline are just a short drive away.

7. Agricultural Heritage: Raymond has a strong agricultural heritage that is still evident today. The city is home to a number of farms and orchards, where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables or enjoy farm-fresh produce. This connection to the land and local farming traditions adds to the unique character of Raymond.

In conclusion, Raymond, New Hampshire may be a lesser-known city in the United States, but it offers a captivating blend of history, natural beauty, community spirit, and outdoor recreation. Whether you're interested in exploring its historic landmarks, enjoying outdoor activities, or experiencing the warm hospitality of its residents, Raymond has something special to offer.

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Raymond, New Hampshire: A City Known for its Scenic Beauty and Outdoor Recreation

Raymond, located in the state of New Hampshire, USA, is a charming city known for several remarkable features that have attracted both residents and visitors alike. Let's explore what Raymond is famous for in more detail:

Breathtaking Natural Landscape

One of the key aspects that sets Raymond apart is its stunning natural beauty. The city is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including serene lakes, lush forests, and rolling hills. Visitors are treated to breathtaking views all year round, especially during the vibrant fall foliage season. Raymond offers an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Pristine Lakes and Waterways

Raymond is home to a number of spectacular lakes and waterways, which are perfect for various recreational activities. Pawtuckaway Lake, a prominent feature in the area, invites visitors to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and even camping along its shores. These tranquil waters provide an ideal escape for anyone seeking relaxation or adventure.

Outdoor Recreation and Adventure

For those seeking an active lifestyle, Raymond offers a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities. The city boasts numerous hiking trails, where one can explore the scenic beauty of the forests and mountains. In addition, residents and visitors can engage in activities such as biking, picnicking, wildlife observation, and horseback riding. There is something for everyone in Raymond's great outdoors.

Community Events and Festivals

The community spirit within Raymond is vibrant and alive. The city hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, bringing residents together in celebration. Festivities like the Raymond Town Fair, Fourth of July Parade, and Christmas Tree Lighting create a sense of belonging and provide great entertainment for people of all ages.

Rich Historical Heritage

Raymond takes pride in its rich historical heritage. The city preserves its history through various historical sites and landmarks. For instance, the Raymond Historical Society Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the past, showcasing artifacts and exhibits that depict the city's development and culture over time.

A Welcoming and Friendly Community

Apart from its natural beauty and engaging activities, Raymond is renowned for its warm and welcoming community. The residents of this city are known for their friendliness and hospitality, making visitors feel right at home. The sense of community is strong, and newcomers are quickly embraced into the fabric of Raymond's society.

In conclusion, Raymond, New Hampshire is a city that combines natural beauty, outdoor recreation, community spirit, and historical heritage. Whether you are seeking relaxation, outdoor adventures, or a close-knit community experience, Raymond has something exceptional to offer.

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What Is It Like To Live In Raymond City?

Living in Raymond, New Hampshire can be a wonderful experience. This small town is located in Rockingham County, USA. It offers a peaceful and close-knit community that many people find appealing.

The town of Raymond is known for its beautiful nature and outdoor recreational opportunities. It is surrounded by forests, lakes, and rivers, making it a great place for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating.

In terms of amenities, Raymond has all the necessary facilities to meet your daily needs. You'll find grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and other essential services conveniently located within the town. While it may not have the bustling city atmosphere, Raymond's charm lies in its simplicity and tranquility.

One of the greatest advantages of living in Raymond is the strong sense of community. The residents here are friendly and welcoming, creating a warm and supportive environment. There are various community events and gatherings throughout the year, fostering a sense of belonging for both residents and newcomers.

The educational system in Raymond is also commendable, with good schools available for all age groups. The town prioritizes the well-being and education of its children, ensuring they receive a quality education.

In terms of employment opportunities, Raymond is predominantly a residential town. Many residents commute to nearby cities for work, while others find employment opportunities within the town itself. However, due to its proximity to major cities like Manchester and Portsmouth, residents have easy access to a wider range of job opportunities.

When it comes to healthcare, Raymond offers several medical facilities, including clinics and hospitals, ensuring that the health needs of residents are well taken care of.

Overall, living in Raymond, New Hampshire provides a peaceful and tight-knit community environment amidst beautiful natural surroundings. It offers a good quality of life with essential amenities and a strong sense of community. With its proximity to larger cities, residents can enjoy the conveniences of urban life while still experiencing the serenity of a small, welcoming town.

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Things to do in Raymond, New Hampshire

Welcome to Raymond, New Hampshire, a charming city located in the United States! Whether you're a resident or a visitor, there are plenty of activities and attractions to explore. Here are some recommendations for things to do in Raymond:

1. Visit Pawtuckaway State Park:

Embark on a nature adventure at Pawtuckaway State Park, which offers beautiful trails, picturesque lakes, and opportunities for camping, hiking, swimming, and fishing. It's a great place to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

2. Explore Elwood Orchards:

Indulge in some seasonal fruit picking at Elwood Orchards. Depending on the time of year, you can pick apples, blueberries, strawberries, or enjoy other farm-fresh produce. It's a fun experience for families and fruit enthusiasts.

3. Discover the NH Farm Museum:

Step back in time at the NH Farm Museum, where you can explore historic buildings, witness traditional farm demonstrations, and learn about the agricultural heritage of the region. It's a great opportunity to gain insight into the area's history and rural life.

4. Attend Raymond Town Common Events:

Stay tuned for events taking place at Raymond Town Common, a central gathering spot in the city. From summer concerts and festivals to cultural celebrations, there's always something happening that promotes community engagement and entertainment.

5. Enjoy Outdoor Recreation:

Raymond offers various opportunities for outdoor recreation. You can go boating or kayaking on the Lamprey River or enjoy a round of golf at the local golf courses. Additionally, there are several parks and trails in the area for hiking, biking, and picnicking.

6. Explore Local Eateries:

Take your taste buds on a journey by visiting local eateries in Raymond. From cozy cafes to family-owned restaurants, you'll find a range of dining options offering delicious meals and warm hospitality.

These are just a few highlights of what you can do in Raymond, New Hampshire. The city has something to offer for everyone, ensuring a memorable visit. So, go out and explore all that Raymond has to offer!

Note: Please check the latest local guidelines and restrictions regarding COVID-19 before planning your activities.

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Travel Guide for Visiting Raymond, New Hampshire, USA

Location: Raymond is a town located in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA.

1. Getting There

To reach Raymond, you can choose to travel by air, train, or road:

  • By Air: The nearest major airport is Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, located about 30 miles west of Raymond. From there, you can rent a car or take a taxi to reach your destination.
  • By Train: The closest Amtrak train station is in Exeter, approximately 15 miles northeast of Raymond. You can then continue your journey by hiring a local taxi or renting a car.
  • By Road: If you prefer driving to Raymond, the town is easily accessible via major highways, including Interstate 93, Route 101, and Route 27.

2. Places to Visit

Raymond offers a range of attractions and activities to explore during your visit:

  • Pawtuckaway State Park: This picturesque state park is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy hiking, swimming, camping, boating, and biking amidst beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Tucker's Restaurant: Indulge in a delicious meal at this local favorite, known for its hearty breakfast options and friendly atmosphere.
  • Raymond Historical Society Museum: Discover the town's rich history through exhibits featuring artifacts and documents related to Raymond's past.
  • Deerfield Country Store: Take a short drive to the nearby town of Deerfield and explore this charming country store offering unique gifts, local products, and a nostalgic atmosphere.

3. Accommodation

While there are no major hotels in Raymond, you can find several lodging options in nearby towns such as Manchester, Portsmouth, and Durham. These towns offer a range of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast establishments to suit different budgets and preferences.

4. Local Events and Festivals

Check the local event calendar for any upcoming events or festivals during your visit to Raymond. The town often hosts community celebrations, fairs, and seasonal festivities that offer a chance to experience the local culture and traditions.

5. Local Cuisine

Don't miss the opportunity to try some of the local delicacies in Raymond and the surrounding areas. New Hampshire is known for its fresh seafood, maple syrup, and farm-to-table dining experiences. Explore restaurants, diners, and farmers markets to savor the flavors of the region.

Remember to check the official websites for the latest information regarding attractions, schedules, and any travel advisories before planning your visit to Raymond, New Hampshire.

Enjoy your trip!

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