Berlin Public Transport Ticket Validity

4/22/2016 2:30:44 PM

You can find a detailed description of the stamp content on this page (in German).

The calendar week and last digit of year assumptions in the comments are correct. Your ticket was stamped 10:00 on the Sunday (So) of calendar week 15 (April 11th to 17th) in the year 2016 by ticket validator number 5 on U-Bahnhof (subway station) Schönleinstraße.

The weekly ticket is valid for seven calendar days (including the day it was stamped), so your ticket is valid through Saturday 23rd of April.

4/22/2016 2:28:38 PM

7-Tage-Karten VBB-Umweltkarte werden an jedermann ausgegeben und sind übertragbar. Sie gelten innerhalb der auf ihnen angegebenen Flächenzonen für sieben aufeinanderfolgende Kalendertage. Ihre Gültigkeit beginnt am ersten aufgedruckten Kalendertag 00:00 Uhr und endet am siebenten Kalendertag um 24:00 Uhr.

I will refrain from a full translation. The important part is that it’s valid starting from 00:00 of the day of validation. Thus your ticket is valid until the end of Saturday.

Coming from the Munich area the stamp itself is kind of confusing to me but a short google search yields that indeed as the comments suggest, the information is time, weekday, week number, year.

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