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The Gateway of India is a historic monument built in India during the 20th century, which is located in front of the hotel Taj in Mumbai. It was built, in 1924 and this monument is located, on the port of the Arabian Sea in the Apollo Monkey area of ​​South Mumbai. It is, a large gate and its height are 26 meters (85 feet). The tourist attraction from around the world is the center of attraction.


Amazing Famous Fun Facts AboutGateway of India For Tourists and Kids

  1. After India obtained independence, the last British Army had returned only through the gate of the Gateway of India. This monument is called the gate of India for vessels coming through the Arabian Sea.
  2. A total of 21 lakh rupees, had been spent in the construction of the Gateway of India and the entire expenditure was taken by the Government of India.
  3. The Gateway of India defines the grandeur of the city of Mumbai, which is the culmination of both historical and modern cultural environments.
  4. In front of the Gateway of India, a statue of Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has been established, which reflects the pride of the Marathas and the symbol of courage.
  5. Gateway of India’s gateway is the architecture made by Asisham, which is 26 meters high.
  6. Gateway of India was designed by George Wittet.
  7. It was built in 1911 by King George and Queen Mary.
  8. Boat service is also available for tourists excursions by this gateway.
  9. Gateway of India is a marvel of architecture in Colaba, Mumbai, and its height is about eight floors.
  10. The Gateway of India buyers paradise is near Causeway and some of the famous restaurants of South Mumbai such as Big Mies, Café Mondengar and the famous Caix Leopold.
  11. Considering both Hindu and Muslim architecture, it was created in the year 1911 to commemorate the King’s visit.
  12. The Gateway of India was made from yellow basalt and concrete. Work began on Apollo Bunder (Port) between 1915 and 1919, where the Gateway of India and the new Sea Wall, were built.
  13. The foundation work of the Gateway of India was completed, in 1920 and the construction was finished in 1924. Gateway of India, opened by Viceroy on December 4, 1924.
  14. Gateway of India is built, towards the vast Arabian Sea, another attraction in the city of Mumbai is connected, to Marine Drive, a road that runs parallel to the sea.
  15. The Gateway of India is a great historical monument, which was built during the British rule in the country.
  16. The Gateway of India was built, on Apollo Monkey, which is a popular place of visit.
  17. Gateway has four, turrets and it was, made with a complicated lattice. The statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Swami Vivekananda was, later established on the Gateway.

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History Of The Gateway of India

Interesting Facts about Gate way of India
This is known as the gate of India for ships coming from the sea route of the Arabian Sea and is one of the rare high tourist destinations in Mumbai. Boat service is also available here for tourists to visit the sea near this entrance. In the past, the use of Gateway of India was used, as the arrival point for guests coming from the west. Ironically, when the British rule ended in 1947, this symbol of sub-investment also became a kind of memorandum, when the last ship of the British State left for England from here. Gateway of India is a miracle of architecture. This monument serves as the main center for main ports of the country. Since this place is always crowded due to being a tourist destination, this place also provides business to many photographers, vendors and food vendors and their livelihood is also the main means of roti. Keep reading posts for more information.

In the past, the use of Gateway of India was used, as the arrival point for guests coming from the west. Ironically, when the British Raj ended in 1947, this symbol of sub-investment also became a kind of memorandum, when the last ship of the British Raj moved towards England from here. Today the sign of the colonial period has become completely Indian, in which many local tourists and citizens come. Plans for the construction of Gateway of India Before the Delhi Darbar in December 1911, the celebration of King George V and Queen Mary’s Mumbai visit, was made. However, they only got to see a cardboard model of the monument, because the construction had not started yet. On March 31, 1913, Governor of Bombay Sir George Sydenham Clarke laid the foundation for the Gateway of India. The final design of the Gateway of India was presented by architect George Wittet on March 31, 1914.

The land on which the gateway, was built, was the first jetty used by the fishing community which was later reconstructed and used as a landing site for the British governor and other prominent people. Between 1915 and 1919, the Apollo Bunder (Port) began work to retrieve the land on which there was a plan to build the entrance and new sea wall. The construction work of the Gateway of India, began in 1920, which was completed after four years i.e. in 1924. On December 4, 1924, the Gateway of India inaugurated this monument by the Viceroy Earl of Reading and on the same day, it was opened, to the people. Due to lack of funds, the proposed road near the Gateway of India was, not built.

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Construction period and architect

Gateway of India architecture

The Scottish architect, George Wittet, composed the structure of the Gateway of India, combining the elements of the Roman victorious arch and the 16th-century architecture of Gujarat. And this is an Indo-Saracenic style building. The cornerstone of the Gateway of India was laid on 31 March 1913 by the Governor of Bombay (Mumbai). This monument is 26 meters, high and it has 4 towers and has a light masonry digging on the stones. It cost only Rs 21 lakh to build the dome. The stones in the monument are local while the punched screen was brought, from Gwalior. The gateway leads to the Mumbai harbor by the tip of Apollo Monkey. The diameter of the central dome is 48 feet, and its highest point is 83 feet above the ground. On each side, of the arches, big halls of 600 people are built. The construction work of Gateway of India was done by Gammon India Limited, which was then the only manufacturing company of India recognized in all areas of civil engineering. This structure itself is extremely adorable and a replica of Arc de Triomphe located in Paris.

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A place to go around the Gateway of India

place to go around the Gate Way Of India

  • The elephant cave is very close to the Gateway of India, where the motorboat, is used. If you are going, to visit the Gateway of India, then you must also see the elephant cave too.
  • Taj Mahal Hotel, which is India’s most prestigious and luxurious hotel, is located close to the Gateway of India.
  • Colaba Causeway Market is the best time to enjoy shopping on the road. You can buy clothes here at very cheap rates. From British time there are buildings and many fashionable boutiques which are the center of tourist attraction.
  • The temple of Valalkeshwar is connected, to an essential Hindu story. According to legend, Lord Rama had worshiped in this temple. Scientists say that this temple is more than 3,000 years old.
  • Nehru can see science exhibitions art programs and some international level events, at the Science Center If you have a touch of science then you would love this place.

Best time to visit Gateway of India

Gateway Of India Image

  • Well, you can come here sometime in the year. But the time between November to March is the best time, to experience the atmosphere here and in these months Mumbai is more pleasant. The Gateway of India is open all week and month.
  • No tickets or charges are available to go here.
  • Gateway of India opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 5:30 in the evening.
  • This place is generally famous for its great place to hang out, beautiful photography and its history.

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How to reach the Gateway of India

Everyone knows that Mumbai is the city of Indian films. Therefore, it is, connected to many cities of India’s major cities and centers of the world. So it is, very accessible to reach here.

How to reach the Gateway of India from Airplane

There are three airports in Mumbai, Mumbai International Airport, Santa Cruz Domestic Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport. You can fly to any airport according to your convenience and from there you can take a taxi for the Gateway of India.

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How to reach Gateway of India by train

Trains from Central, East and West India arrive at Chhatrapati Shivaji Junction, Mumbai. Trains of North India come to Mumbai Central Station. No matter what part of India you are coming from, you can go from these two stations to the Gateway of India.

How to reach Gateway of India by road

Mumbai is also well connected to the public transport medium. Buses from various other states come to Mumbai Central Bus Station. There is a facility to come from buses from Pune and Nashik on the Asiad Bus Stand. Then you can reach the Gateway of India by taxi here.

Where to stay around Gateway of India

Since Mumbai is a metro city, the number of hotels here is quite high. There are hundreds of hotels available at different prices including The Taj Mahal Palace, The Taj Mahal Tower, Hotel Harbor View, Abode Bombay, near the Gateway of India. You can also make pre-booking at your convenience to stay here.

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